Speed Up Your Product Design With Onshape

The complete all-in-one platform for product development

Speed Up Your Product Design With Onshape

The complete all-in-one platform for product development

Onshape packages and pricing

Accelerate your product development and optmise your processes with Onshape, a next-generation cloud design platform.

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  Enterprise Professional Standard
Choose a plan that bests meets your needs. If you need any help deciding, please do not hesitate to get in touch. For organisations in need of best-in-class tools for product development, customised workflows, role-based access control and advanced reporting functions. For small, medium-sized and consulting companies in need of a product development platform that includes CAD, release and data management. For users who only require one license for modern CAD tools, occasional collaboration and integrated data management.
Pricing on request £1,700 £1,200
Component and assembly modeling
"Surfacing" and sheet metal parts
Access from anywhere
Technical Support Priority Direct Support Direct Support Direct Support
Formal approval management
Approval workflow Customised Standardised
Support for multiple workflows
Unlimited component versioning
Comprehensive data management
Automated component numbering
Settings and metadata can be personalised
Single Sign-On
Grouped article management
Company-specific admin tools Limited
Central IP control Limited
Project-related reporting
Role-based access control
Immediate user provisioning
Advanced user provisioning options
Company-specific domain
Guided user instruction Available
Consolidated invoicing


Onshape's Education Plan

With the Onshape Educational Enterprise and the free Onshape Educational Standard package, state-of-the-art technology is making its way into classrooms and lecture halls.

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