Speed Up Your Product Design With Onshape

The all-in-one platform for product development

Speed Up Your Product Design With Onshape

The all-in-one platform for product development

Onshape is a product development platform that combines CAD, data management, collaboration and real-time analysis in one. You can also work with all end devices: whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet, your CAD system runs in the web browser.

Data Management with Onshape

Data management

Onshape offers you features of a PDM system including integrated version control and release management. This means that all your design changes are made and recorded in real time and you can always be sure that you are working on the latest version. Multiple design ideas can be explored in parallel, work can be assigned to various team members and data can be accessed quickly and easily.


Onshape Components


Onshape enables the design of complex solid and surface models, which can be created by both top-down and bottom-up construction. Using the Part Studio, components can easily be created together, inter-dependencies mapped, and design intent captured. There is also the ability to reuse and modify any legacy CAD data as well as a feature to automate complex or repetitive tasks.


Onshape Bill of Materials


Onshape's Bills of Materials (BOMs) can be managed and configured even while the assembly is being worked on. Non-geometric items can be inserted with quantities and predefined units. Drawings of assemblies can be supplemented with tables from parts lists, including intelligent balloon callouts. Real-time updates ensure that the parts list and referenced assembly are always synchronised.


Onshape integrations


Onshape can be easily integrated with ERP, PLM, SSO, simulation or CAM solutions. The scope of integrations and partners is constantly being expanded. By using the robust REST API, you can also develop your own customised integrations to Onshape.

Onshape collaboration


Designs can be edited simultaneously by several users. All changes are updated live and instantly visible to all editors. Data can be easily shared within a team, the company or with suppliers. Access permissions can be assigned individually and revoked when necessary. A simple, interactive user interface makes it easy to understand and collaborate for all users.


Onshape assemblies


Create highly structured and detailed assemblies using standard parts or linked components from other documents. Complex kinematic relationships can be mapped including their position within the assembly. All parts are created in the context of the higher-level assembly. The unique database architecture eliminates issues of incorrect references of deleted or moved files.


Onshape configurations


With Onshape, it is possible to combine parts and assemblies into families with separate tables for each configuration option. This drastically reduces the number of rows and columns and theoretically allows for unlimited product variations through configuration variables. Each configuration option can have its own part number and change or release history.


Onshape support


Access support from the Onshape Support Team using integrated feedback tools. There are also various self-guided and instructor led training available in the learning centre. You can get additional support from other users and engage with Onshape employees through the forum.


Onshape workflow


Onshape includes automated workflows which allows for the release and revision of components, assemblies, drawings and imported files. Customisable workflows can be adapted to your business. Users are able to work on a component even while they are waiting for requested changes to be completed. Trigger notifications can be set up to easily stay informed about any relevant changes.


Onshape drawings


Onshape includes numerous drawing features to enable you to create detailed drawings of parts and assemblies. These include dimensions, date values, surface processing, welding symbols, geometric tolerances, notes, tables, balloons, callouts, drawing sheets and completely customizable drawing properties. The drawing formats DWG, DWT and DXF are supported for import and export.


Onshape Analytics


Onshape's inbuilt Analytics records every interaction and presents information in easy to read tables and charts. Project status can be easily monitored by activity, published versions as well as project and user dashboards. Access to documents can be tracked and security checks can be initiated. The access of users to the reports is controlled via the central assignment of rights.


Onshape security


Onshape has the highest security measures in place to protect your design information against unauthorised access. Role-based access control, AES-256 bit encryption, optional two-factor authentication and comprehensive audit logs are available. Onshape is SOC Type 2 compliant and is hosted on AWS. Payments to Onshape comply with the PCI DSS standard.

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