Accelerate your product development with Onshape

Learn about our online CAD system and modern product development in the cloud in our webinars & e-books

Accelerate your product development with Onshape

Learn about our online CAD system and modern product development in the cloud in our webinars & e-books

Gain insights into product development topics with our webinars and e-books. Find out how you can use the online CAD software Onshape to bring your products to the market simply, quickly, web-based and cost-efficiently.

Webinar: An introduction to Onshape

Das Bild zeigt ein Mock-Up der Cloud-basierten Online-Plattform Onshape.

Are you interested in finding out more about Onshape? Our Onshape expert will give you insights into the software interface, the advantages of a cloud-based solution and an overview of the features and benefits of Onshape.

You can look forward to:

  • Product development challenges today
  • A unified cloud solution
  • Design sharing
  • Onshape platform capabilities
  • The value of a SaaS platform
  • How companies can get started



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E-Book: An introduction to cloud-based product development

Ein Mann liest das Onshape-E-Book: eine Einführung in Cloud-basierte Produktentwicklung.

Leading companies already support many of their business areas such as sales, marketing, accounting and HR with cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms. Unfortunately, departments such as engineering and product development have rarely benefited from this major technology shift.

The advantage of SaaS is that it only has a single, universal source of information in which data is stored, processed and accessed. When everyone involved in a project has real-time access to the same design updates, it speeds up communication and collaboration while reducing costly manufacturing errors and rework.

In this e-book you will learn how a SaaS platform can have a direct impact on your company:

  • Scalability - Bring new employees, contractors and partners up to date with your product development tools and projects in minutes.
  • Data Security - Better protect your valuable intellectual property (IP) by tightly controlling who has access to your product designs and for how long.
  • Profitability - Significant reduction in IT costs such as high-end workstations, dedicated servers, network infrastructure, storage, backups and software maintenance.
  • Reliability - Eliminate delays and downtime caused by software installations, crashes, file corruption and data loss. Software updates are automatically applied in the cloud without the need for IT services.

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Webinar: The latest trends in product development

Das Bild zeigt ein Mikrofon und einen Bildschirm mit der Oberfläche von Onshape, der All-In-One Plattform für die Produktentwicklung.

As the world continues to change, product development faces new challenges. Outdated processes, habits and CAD systems are having more and more of an impact on productivity. Agility and flexibility have become important factors. What tools should product developers, designers and engineers be better equipped with to turn challenges into an advantage?

Learn all about the latest trends and solutions in product development directly from John McEleney, former CEO of SOLIDWORKS and co-founder of Onshape, in this 45-minute webinar.

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