E-Book - The Design Gridlock Manifesto

6 ways outdated CAD technology is crippling your processes (and what to do about it).

Even the best racing driver doesn't get ahead quickly in a traffic jam. [Nbsp] The same is true for the best teams of designers and engineers when they are stuck in the "traffic jam" of product development. [Nbsp] Fortunately, this can now be avoided:

Have you ever been slowed down when you had to wait for your colleagues to check files back in? [Nbsp] Or when you had to repeat your previous work because the system crashed and damaged files? [Nbsp] Or when you stood in front of several versions of a file and wondered which was the most recent?

This e-book addresses the 6 most common problems that hinder product development. [Nbsp] In addition to numerous customer examples, it is also shown how Onshape keeps these processes going. [Nbsp] Taiga Motors, IonQ, Kichler, Synapse, and many more companies describe their problems and how Onshape solved them.

Onshape E-Book Design Gridlock Manifesto Mockup

E-book contents: 

  • What is causing the problems in product development?
  • Who is affected by the problems?
  • What are the costs?
  • 6 ways outdated technology is crippling your processes (and what to do about it)
    • Data management: which version is the current one?
    • Lost work: CAD crashes and corrupted files
    • Limited access to the CAD system
    • Incompatible software versions and forced updates
    • Silence and silos instead of communication and cooperation
    • Bad customer support
  • Escape the traffic jam: why switch to modern CAD software?
    • What are the advantages of modeling in Onshape?
    • What advantages does the built-in data management offer?

Find out how your company can clear the traffic jams and how Onshape's revolutionary approaches can bring new momentum to product development.

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